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Within the island archipelago of Cabo Verde are both dry moonscapes and lush islands with the perfect habitat to grow sugarcane and produce the region's local spirit: Grogue.  The Barbosa family has been producing Grogue on the island of Santiago since the 1970s. They cultivate 9 hectares of sugar cane on fields situated in the Ribeira de Mangue valley, a short distance from the black sand beach of the same name. The varieties of cultivated are Nossa Terra Preta, Nossa Terra Branca and Bourbon cane.


The Barbosas use no fertilizers or chemical products on their fields or in their production process. Fermentation is wild using yeast cultures from the cane stalks in the Portuguese method of pied de cuba. Distillation is done on a small alembic pot still and Barbosa Grogue is bottled at still strength of 45% abv.

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