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The Beenleigh Distillery was founded in 1884 and it is Australia's oldest operating distillery. Located in Queensland, on the northeastern coast of the country, it is in the heart of an area known for its sugar cane. The history of Beenleigh forms part of the heritage of Australian rum, including being an historical supplier of the British Royal Navy.

Beenleigh produces its rums from local water and molasses. Distillation first takes place with continuous single columns and then in a pot still they call 'The Old Copper.' Alongside its official bottlings, Beenleigh began a relationship with La Maison & Velier to release special vintage co-bottlings.


BEENLEIGH 2013 was distilled in single column and redistilled in the distillery’s pot still in August and September 2013. This rum has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels in the tropical climate of the Beenleigh warehouse with a total angel's share of more than 25%.

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