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On the north side of the southern fork of Haiti is the village of Baradères: a region famous for its coffee, cocoa and Clairin. Baradères is a small fishing village, quite isolated but with a fairly large population and many small distilleries. Here, Faubert Casimir produces his Clairin using Hawaii Rouge and Hawaii Blanc, a relative of the O’Tahiti cane from Polynesia. His cane is pressed and the fresh juice goes through a very long natural fermentation in wooden vats made from local chestnut trees.

In the tradition of the region, Faubert adds local citrus to his fermenting wash (to control the pH and prolong his fermentation) as well as local herbs like lemongrass (locally used to keep away unwanted insects and pests). The fermented wash is once-distilled on a small alembic pot still with a short external column. It is enjoyed locally and bottled in partnership with The Spirit of Haiti at still strength with no dilution or additives.

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