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Clairin Communal (cahm-ooh-nahl) is the exciting new release from Spirit of Haiti. Embodying the Haitian motto "L’union fait la force" (strength in unity), Communal unites four villages together in a compelling collaboration of four producers of Clairin Traditionnel. Each component to the blend is produced with organic and sustainable agriculture techniques.
The cane is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Fermentation is wild, using the ambient, natural yeast found in each village to create the vivid link between liquid and sense of place. The single distillation is done in traditional pot stills with external plates that maximize the complexity and flavor of the spirit.

Clairin Communal is wonderful to enjoy neat or on the rocks but was created with the desires of the mixology community in mind. Communal brings forward the most appreciated aspects of each producer: an aromatic brightness and lift from Michel Sajous, an oceanic mineral depth from Fritz Vaval, the untamed savory fruitiness of Faubert Casimir and the creamy richness of Distillerie Le Rocher.


Blended and bottled without additives at a consistent 43% abv, Clairin Communal is a new opportunity for reimagined classic cocktails and creative mixology alike.

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