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From the mountains of St Michel d'Attalaye comes this beautiful expression of Clairin Traditionnel from Distillerie Chelo by third generation producer, Michel Sajous. This central northern landscape is a sea of green - many different types of sugar cane grow here, but Michel uses Canne Crystalline. This variety of cane is a very old, pre-hybrid heritage cane with a deep burgundy skin and a bright aromatic quality central to the identity of his Clairin profile. Michel's team cuts the cane by hand with machete, brings it to his distillery by mule and fermented it naturally with ambient yeast for around one week. The fermented wash is then distilled on a small alembic pot still with a chauffe-vin and a short external column. It is enjoyed locally and bottled in partnership with The Spirit of Haiti at still strength with no dilution or additives.

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