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Clairin Sonson comes from the village of Cabaret, located in the central region of Haiti, northwest of Port-au-Prince. Distillery owner Stephan Kalil Saoud cultivates the local variety of cane called Madame Meuze on his 25 hectares of field. The cane is grown in polyculture, together with banana and other fruit trees. Agriculture is natural, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Once harvested, the sugar cane is pressed and slowly reduced to syrup before it is fermented using the ambient yeast of the distillery and field. The distillation is carried out using the same copper pot stills crafted by Stephan’s father, who started the distillery in 1932. Clairin Sonson is enjoyed locally and bottled in partnership with The Spirit of Haiti at still strength with no dilution or additives.

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