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Clairin Vaval is produced in the coastal village of Cavaillon in the south-east of Haiti – an area famous for its market and beaches. Here, Fritz Vaval owns and operates Distillerie Arawaks, named after the indigenous people of this land, which has been owned by his family since 1947. Fritz owns and harvests 20 hectares of land planted with the Madame Meuze cane variety, cultivated naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
His cane fields are cut by hand and the sugar cane is brought to the distillery where it is immediately pressed. The fresh juice is fermented naturally with the ambient yeasts of his fields and region and distilled is made on a still that Fritz built himself, featuring a boiler powered by the steam engine of an old locomotive. It is enjoyed locally and bottled in partnership with The Spirit of Haiti at still strength with no dilution or additives.

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