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El Amparo is a pot still rum produced in the city of Jipijapa, Ecuador.

El Amparo means "shelter" in English. The name was coined by Gonzalo Almanzor Zorrilla Toala, the maternal grandfather of Carlos Baque Zorrilla who currently owns and manages the distillery. Carlos is the third generation in his family on the to carry on the production of El Amparo.

While Aguardiente is produced in many South American countries, Ecuador has a long history of distillation that remains locally enjoyed, undiscovered until recently by the global market. This bottling to celebrate 60 years of experience over three generations of the Zorilla family and share their El Amparo with the world.

El Amparo is made from a variety of sugar cane that is commonly called Cubana Negra. The cane is harvested by hand and the fresh juice is fermented naturally with the ambient yeast of the distillery. Distilled on a small alembic pot still, El Amparo is enjoyed locally - and bottled - unaged at still strength of ~60% abv.

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