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Founded in 1845 by French explorers Louis and Charles Isautier, Maison Isautier has been a family-run distillery for seven generations, with more than 176 years of history and tradition. It stands as the oldest rum distillery and company on Reunion Island. Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, the island of Reunion is famous for its dramatic volcanic landscape - which results in highly fertile soil. Sugar cane has been grown extremely well here for centuries, thriving in the sandy humus-rich soil and tended to by over 3,000 planters in its humid, maritime climate.

Isautier holds a unique space in the world of rum: producing both rhum agricole from fresh cane juice as well as traditional rum from molasses. Now lead by Cyril Isautier, the distillery has produced some of the most iconic spirits of their region.

La Maison & Velier is proud of this collaboration: selected together with Cyril as a co-bottled series of exceptional casks coming from the oldest stocks in their cellar. This dual release features two bottlings of the same production and aging methods, where the only difference is the raw material: molasses and fresh cane juice (rhum agricole).



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