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​Located on the stunning northeast coast of Grenada, River Antoine Estate has produced one of the most legendary and sought-after rums in the Caribbean since its founding in 1785.

Since 1983, River Antoine Estate is owned by a cooperative of three Grenadian families (the Richards, Edgars and Thomases) along with 15 hectares of organic sugarcane grown just a few meters from the beach. Production methods at the distillery remain unchanged since its founding: the cane is cut by hand and crushed with the Caribbean's last active water mill built in 1840. Only 3,000 liters of fresh juice arrive at the boiling house each day where it is transferred to metal pans heated by bagasse-fueled fire and concentrated into a light syrup. River Antoine is the only distillery left using this technique. The entire distillery is powered only by the hydropower produced by the waterwheel and gravity. The resulting liquid is one of the most iconic and historic rums in the world.

River Antoine is bottled with no additives, coloring, sugar or artifice. It is diluted from island proof of 75% abv down to 'flight proof' of 69% abv.

You'll never forget your first taste of Rivers...

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