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The Spirit of Haiti was founded in 2012 to provide a route to global market for small producers of local Haitian sugarcane spirit, called Clairin. In Haiti, there are over 500 small distilleries that produce a wide range of styles of Clairin. The Spirit of Haiti project narrows its focus to the ancestral way of production that is unchanged by modern technology - Clairin Traditionnel.

In celebration of the culture and character of Clairin Traditionnel, The Spirit of Haiti works in partnership with producers that still utilize methods of traditional agriculture and spirit production that retains local know-how and sustainability. With the leading belief that bon clairin begins in the field, the producers take great pride and care of their land as both farmer and distiller. The Spirit of Haiti bottlings of Clairin Traditionnel are created together with the producers in terms of both concept and conception - and work to provide a clear view of the incredible diversity of Clairin Traditionnel that Haiti has to offer.

With respect for the typicity of Clairin Traditionnel, The Spirit of Haiti aims to share the liquid exactly as one would find it in its home – all offerings are bottled at the strength that it leaves the still, with no dilution, adulteration or filtration. The liquid is collected in drums and transported to Port-au-Prince for bottling, labelling and export. All production, aging and bottling is done in Haiti.


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