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SVM or "Scheer Velier Main" is a range of rums from Velier entirely dedicated to ester content and aging. A double release that gives the possibility to compare two Jamaican rums, produced in the same distillery, both aged for 14 years, but in two different areas. This Joint Bottling from Velier / Scheer gives the opportunity to understand the great gustatory differences that exist between the tropical aging of both the Tropical and Continental aging styles of the same vintages of two Monymusk expressions of the same mark, same vintage: EMB & MMW. It is the first time ever that you can live such an experience, for a series of four bottles that can not miss in the collection of great rum lovers.

SVM is bottled at cask strength with no additives, sugar, coloring or artifice.

Monymusk MMW

MMW 11 Year Tropical

MMW 11 Year Continental

Monymusk EMB

EMB 14 Year Tropical

EMB 14 Year Continental

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