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Jan Warren.

LM&V Portfolio Manager - Eastern USA

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About Jan.

Jan Warren, a seasoned ex-bartender, has left an indelible mark on the cocktail scene with his remarkable talent and unparalleled passion for spirits. Having made his mark at renowned establishments such as Dutch Kills, Pegu Club, and Painkiller, Jan's expertise, sense of humor, and dedication have made him a valuable addition to any team he has been on.

During his illustrious bartending career, Jan had the opportunity to work with an array of exceptional spirits. However, it was his encounter with Haitian Clairin that ignited an enduring love affair. The raw and vibrant flavors of this traditional, artisanal rum captivated Jan's senses and sparked an insatiable curiosity to explore the world of rum further.

In 2018, Jan embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining forces with La Maison & Velier, an esteemed distributor and curator of fine spirits. This partnership allowed Jan to share his passion for Haitian Clairin and other exceptional rums with a broader audience. With his deep knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Jan curates an astonishing portfolio of rums and other exquisite products.

Beyond his role as a purveyor, Jan is a true advocate for the spirits he represents. He conducts tastings, masterclasses, and events, sharing his extensive knowledge and fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind each bottle. Jan's genuine enthusiasm and captivating storytelling have made him a respected figure within the spirits community.

Jan's impact extends far beyond his professional endeavors. He actively supports company initiatives aimed at preserving traditional distilling methods and promoting sustainability in the spirits industry. Through partnerships with local communities and distilleries, LM&V works to ensure the long-term viability and cultural significance of the spirits he champions.

As an ex-bartender turned ambassador and curator, Jan Warren continues to inspire and delight with his passion for exceptional spirits. His journey from behind the bar to the world of fine spirits has allowed him to share his love for Haitian Clairin and other remarkable rums with enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying his status as a trusted and influential figure in the industry.

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