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JB Reynolds.

LM&V Portfolio Manager - California, USA

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About JB.

A natural talent and performer by nature, JB Reynolds is an Oakland, CA native who began his career at a young age in the Hospitality Industry before relocation to Los Angeles to pursue his interest in music. Rooted in the belief that music is the soundtrack to life, the artistry and creativity that birthed his music career eventually evolved into a curiosity about bar/restaurant culture. He discovered an artistic likeness between creating magic in the studio and alchemy behind the bar. So, after over a decade in LA, he moved to Seattle to continue to hone his skills. He worked at some of the highest volume cocktail bars in the city, including Percy’s & Co., Radiator Whiskey, and Barrio in Capital Hill where, as lead bartender, he designed and crafted creative cocktails that earned him prestige in the local industry and beyond. Inspired by “Garden to Glass,” JB developed his knowledge and love for agave and other fine spirits.


JB’s comedic spirit and performative nature turned the bar into his stage, with a constant audience of eager and happily imbibed customers. Ever advancing and evolving and never one to stagnate, JB’s passion eventually called him back to his roots to merge his two loves: “The Town” of Oakland CA, and spirits. While there, he curated the online cocktail channel Taste52, where he showcased his own craft creations and highlighted the work of other Black bartenders and bar owners in the area. He worked at reputable bars in the Bay Area including Elda in San Francisco, and Hello Stranger, Nido’s Backyard and Duende in Oakland, where he served as beverage director. Before transitioning to LM&V, he entered and won a national cocktail competition sponsored by Black Bourbon Society, Michters & Branca.

As the West Coast Portfolio Manager for LM&V, JB’s passion for the company is rooted in our method: high quality, full transparency and highlighting the magic performed by the producers. JB is eager to showcase these collections and to tell the often-untold stories of dedicated people in countries that would otherwise go unnamed, which makes the position personal and meaningful to him.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Email is the best way to reach me.

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