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Hi, I'm Kate.

LM&V National Manager - USA

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Meet Kate.

Kate Perry is a passionate and accomplished rum expert who has dedicated her career to exploring and promoting the diverse world of spirits. Her journey into the realm of rum began in 2011 when she embarked on a transformative research and development trip to the Caribbean. As she immersed herself in the vibrant rum culture of five different islands, Kate realized that rum was the perfect fusion of her academic background in Geography and Anthropology, as well as her profound appreciation for fine spirits.


It was on this trip that Kate witnessed the deep-rooted connection between rum and the local communities. The pride and cultural significance that people attached to their native spirit struck a chord within her, emphasizing that rum was more than just a liquid in a bottle—it was a symbol of heritage and tradition.

In 2012, Kate assumed the role of opening manager at Rumba, Seattle's renowned establishment renowned for its extensive collection of over 700 rums showcased on a library-style wall. It was here that she further delved into the world of rum, developing a profound affinity for bottles produced by centuries-old distilleries. These spirits, shaped by the unique terroir and cultural influences of their origins, captivated her palate and sparked captivating conversations.

Kate's unwavering commitment to rum was solidified when she received an invitation to represent the USA in the Clairin World Championship. With great anticipation, she traveled to Haiti where she was told that the experience would be life-changing - and in fact, it changed her life completely. Immersed in the rich history and tradition of Haitian rum production, Kate's passion for rum reached new heights.

In 2017, seeking new avenues to share her love for exceptional spirits, Kate relocated to New York City. She took on the momentous task of launching the La Maison & Velier portfolio, starting with the introduction of The Spirit of Haiti Clairin and Caroni 2000. In her current role, Kate oversees the national market presence of the portfolio, spreading its reach across thirty states and skillfully managing its expansion in all directions.

With her dedicated team by her side, Kate continues to serve as an ambassador for extraordinary spirits crafted by remarkable individuals. She embraces the opportunity to introduce the American market to the diverse and captivating world of rum, ensuring that each bottle carries not only the flavors within but also the stories and cultures that make them truly remarkable. Kate Perry's unwavering passion, expertise, and commitment to rum make her an influential figure in the spirits industry.

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